Dorgard Door Retainer (No Wiring required)

Dorgard Door Retainer (No Wiring required)

Dorgard 1328-A01 (acoustic fire door retainer)

Dorgard is a device designed to safely hold open a fire door and automatically release the fire doors upon the sound of a fire alarm. It can be used to hold the fire door open in any position.

Unlike electro-magnetic retainers (EMR), Dorgard requires no wiring as it is battery operated and self-contained. Installation is easy, quick and non-disruptive. It is affixed to your fire door with four screws and takes approximately 5 minutes to install. Once you have inserted two C-size batteries (supplied), Dorgard is ready for duty.

When Dorgard is holding open a fire door it listens for a continuous fire alarm sound level of over 65 decibels. After approximately 14 seconds it will release, allowing the fire door to close under the pressure of the overhead door closure.

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