Three Point Locking Panic Device (1200mm)

Three Point Locking Panic Device (1200mm)

570 Range

Suitable for most timber, steel and aluminium door constructions up to a maximum mass of 200kg and a maximum height of 2500mm

Available in two different lengths of 1200mm and 840mm which are suitable for a maximum door width of 1300mm and 940mm respectively

Devices are suitable for doors with a minimum clear opening width down to 500mm. This can be reduced to 350mm when the side latchbolts are not required.

  • Unique Touchbar design, incorporating two side pullmans
  • Suitable for use on single doors and the first opening leaf of rebated double doors
  • Non-handed - suitable for both left and right handed doors
  • Conforms to EN1125 Classification 376422B
  • Colour: Silver

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