Afbeelding voor FM200
  • Highest calibre products at competitive prices

  • Rigorously enforced quality procedures

  • Over 50 years of experience


  • Rapid discharge within 10 seconds.
  • A flexible range of cylinder sizes. 
  • Solenoid, mechanical and pneumatic actuation. 
  • Solid brass valve construction for durability. 
  • Pressure monitoring switches fitted as standard. 
  • A versatile range of nozzles for easier system layouts. 
  • Effective on-site installation. 
  • FM-200(R) is approved by Lloyds Register. 
  • Approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). 
  • Verified by the Loss Prevention Council.

FM-200(R) is the clean, safe and environmentally friendly gaseous extinguishing agent internationally accepted and approved as the leading choice for the protection of people, high value assets and business continuity.

It is electrically non-conductive, occupies minimal storage space and has zero effect on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. Its primary action is through cooling the fire and removing heat energy so that the combustion reaction cannot be sustained.
This pace-setting compound does more than prevent fire damage. Containing no particulates or residues, it virtually eliminates the risk of damage to delicate equipment caused by the extinguishant itself.

Its safety is beyond question – FM-200(R) has even been designated as a replacement for CFC propellants in pharmaceutical inhalers. In short, it is the long term replacement agent.